Wohl Residential

Backyard Renovation

Our client for this project had nothing but an open back yard filled with weeds. The yard backs up to an open space area. Low maintenance was the key factor in this system.

We started by removing all the vegetation in the area to be renovated. A heavy woven weed barrier was installed over the entire area. A pathway to get to the open space made of compacted decomposed granite and two small berms were installed. The owner did not want any mulch in the areas due to winds that come through rather heavily in the area. We opted to change the color of rock on the berms to break up the large expanse of rock. As the plants grow in, it will soften the hardscape substantially. A drip system and xeric plant material was crucial. A budget dictated that we start with very small plant material sizes. We used 2.25” and 1 gallon perennials to fill in the berm areas.

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