Roger’s Residence

Pond / Backyard Renovation

A home in a culdesac offered a huge backyard with some screening issues as it looked out on several homes along the back fence area. Our client enjoys entertaining and wanted the backyard to become a prime gathering spot. In addition, he works from home and wanted to create an inspiring and tranquil setting to work outside in a natural office space.

An older concrete deck and hodge podge of patio areas were brought together with a large, multi level composite deck structure. New cut flagstone pathways and seating areas along with a gas fire pit and an outdoor kitchen / grill with hood made the patio area ideal for entertaining. Additional custom fencing and entryway structures added to the privacy and architectural elements of the area.

A pond and waterfall now grace the backyard area. The pond was excavated and is EPDM lined , with a filter system. It has several species of water plants along the edges and in the bog end that aid in filtration. It supports a nice variety of Koi fish and has become a favorite spot to work from for our client. Most of the dirt from the pond excavation was used to create a berm along the fence area. We then planted that area heavily with plant material to help aid in the screening. The garden in the corner was accented with a pergola entryway and small stone walls to define the space. There were existing fruit trees and several more were added.

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