Recreational Features

Brewer Residence Recreational Features

Secret Garden

The client was looking for a way to keep the large amount of deer and sometimes black bears out of his orchard and garden space as well as create a space to entertain in an outdoor setting. We started by creating a custom fence structure that served multiple purposes. It brings an artistic element from within the natural landscape into the structure. The varied heights of the posts making up the fenced area mimics the rolling ridges of the valley. We planted 3 varieties of hop vines on the high 6×6 posts allowing for the client to use in the small private brewery within the home. There are 30 hop plants, on the posts as well as grape vines planted between the posts on the interior portion of the fence. Between the shorter 4′ fence and the taller fence, we planted raspberry, currant, gooseberry and native plum. In addition to the fences, we created a custom pergola entry way into the secret garden. It has two side pieces that swing open to give access into the are between the two fences for maintenance and harvest.

The orchard is planted inside the secret garden fenced area. It includes semi-dwarf varieties of apple, pear, cherry, plum and pear, all selected for the altitude and conditions of the site. As this garden matures, it will truly be a secret garden space. The client wanted quick harvest from the trees so we chose 2” caliper B&B sized trees in order to expedite harvest. There was a substantial harvest of the cherry and plum trees the first year after planting. Two hives of honey bees reside in the SE corner of the orchard to facilitate pollination and provide a source of local honey.

A set of custom redwood raised beds for vegetable gardening is situated in the center of the secret garden. These are laid out with two beds in each of the 4 cardinal directions. Each bed is 4′ wide and 8′-10′ long. Each of the two beds in each direction have the top sitting area painted in the traditional Native American colors for that direction. A drip system runs through each bed and watering for the beds, the orchard and for the hops and grapes and other small fruits is fully automated and can be switched between well water to domestic water as desired.

A harvest table, outdoor dining and entertainment area was desired within the secret garden area. We laid flagstone in the center area as well as between all the beds in order to create a mud free work space for the garden. A flagstone pathway winds from the entry pergola through the garden space as well. A custom table and chairs was created for the center. In addition to the table and chairs, there is a small bench on the end of each bed. These match the table and chairs and add more seating to the area for entertaining and outdoor dining. The table, chairs and benches were custom made by Scott.

Volleyball Courts

Our clients love to entertain and to bring their amazing neighborhood community together. One way they wanted to do this was to bring a recreational element to the property. Two volleyball courts were constructed and are equipped with NCAA regulation net systems. One is a sand court and the other was a grass court. After a year it was decided that the grass court although beautiful, was not being used as much as the sand court. So in order to accommodate the large number of folks who were using the courts, the clients decided to change the grass court into a second sand court. We changed the irrigation system and installed the new sand court.

Shooting Range

Sighting in hunting rifles, handgun practice and skeet shooting are among the activities our clients enjoy. The skeet shooting area is off the top of the stone stairs shooting over the open valley. The pistol and rifle range needed to be safe and secure. After excavation of a berm area for safety, we constructed a bullet arresting system using re-purposed materials including old conveyor belts, 3/4” plywood sheets from billboards and some used 6×6 timbers. Layers of the plywood and the conveyor belt material are constructed on each side of the backdrop and work effectively to slow down or trap bullets from handguns and from rifles. The longest distance is over 100 yds for sighting in hunting rifles. The cliff behind the range is several hundred feet high, safely creating a range for the clients use.

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