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Jax Outdoor Expansion


Jax Outdoor expanded their flagship store in Fort Collins and had a large area behind the main store that had been a muddy gravel parking lot for decades. The new store expansion included a new building as well as renovating an older existing building. All these would be tied together by creating an incredible outdoor space in the old parking area.

The first phase was to install the trees, shrubs, turf and irrigation in the new parking lot outside the new building. Honeylocust, Linden, Pinion Pine, Spring Snow crab and Catalpa trees were installed as well as many native and drought resistant shrubs.

Pond – Waterfall – Outdoor Expansion

A plan was created for the old parking area. Included is a pond with a waterfall that could be used to test kayaks and canoes. In addition, the pond would be a great demonstration area for fly fishing and gear testing of all kinds, as well as a great outdoor space to host a variety of sales events.

Elements included in this project.

  • Irrigated turf area where there would be a pergola shade structure for outdoor music, or presentations.
  • Large native stone retaining walls in order to deal with a grade issue from the store to the pond areas.
  • A large pond of approx 30,000 gallons with a waterfall. The waterfall moves approx 12,000 Gallons per Hour over the falls. This also serves to put oxygen into the water for the fish that live there as well.
  • Drip irrigation system for all plant material and turf areas.
  • LED landscape lighting throughout the entire project.
  • Flagstone seating area
  • A creek where natural rain run off runs into the pond as well as all the downspouts from the building gutters are directed into the pond.
  • There is an overflow system that allows excess water to flow over a weir and into a drain pipe.

The pond is what is referred to as a LIVE BOTTOM pond. This means there is no rubber liner to keep the water in the pond. After excavating the pond, a layer of natural bentonite clay is added to the bottom of the pond. This is then tilled into the existing soil, then compacted before filling the pond. The bentonite particles swell to hundreds of times their size, and effectively creating a sealed pond bottom. This is a preferred method when you want to have a more natural type of pond. This allows for crawdads, frogs, water plants etc to live IN the pond bottom itself. We added water lilies as well as several varieties of native water plants along the banks of the pond.

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