Improved and Productive Acreage

Courtesy The Landscape Doctor Inc.

Photo credit – The Landscape Doctor Inc.

Who wouldn’t want to make their property more desirable at time of sale, more attractive to wildlife, and more productive at the harvest table?  It makes complete sense on so many levels.  While not everyone owns enough property to plant dozens and dozens of trees, shrubs and perennials, those that do have some acreage can take advantage of a great resource.  Your local county extension  can connect you with your State Seedling Nursery.  Here in Fort Collins we are lucky enough to have the Colorado State Seedling Nursery on our doorstep.  Visit them and find out more information on the seedling program and how you might take advantage of this amazing resource.

The Nursery provides land owners with the opportunity to buy trees, shrubs and perennials for a nominal cost.  These plants are designed to encourage land owners to plant trees and shrubs for soil conservation, wildlife habitat, establish effective windbreaks that reduce erosion and can protect homes, crops and our environment.  Its a win win situation for all involved.  There is a limited number of available plants each spring and it pays to get your order in early as to assure you get the trees and plants you desire for your particular needs.  Here at The Landscape Doctor HQ, we can get some pretty heavy winds so we will be planting an extensive amount of trees as wind row and protection over the next few years.  We also keep bees here on the property and so our selections will be taking into consideration which native species would be beneficial to our bee colonies.

Photo Courtesy The Landscape Doctor Inc.

Photo credit – The Landscape Doctor Inc.

Increasing the amount of wildlife that is attracted to your property is another desired result for many land owners.  The more trees, shrubs, food and cover you provide on your property will attract more critters to the area and thereby increasing the biodiversity on your own little piece of the planet.  As we all know, a diverse ecosystem is a much more healthy and self sustaining one.

Many of the trees and shrubs available also are fruit producing and can add a great amount of produce to your table or your canning cupboard.  Native species like plum, currant and cherry can be quite productive and tasty additions to the landscape of your property.  An edible landscape is quite desirable for many urban folks.  Not only are you adding food to the table and becoming more self sustaining on your property but those same fruiting shrubs and trees are allowing bees an extra food source as well.

Look into your local area’s state seedling nursery and start creating your very own garden of Eden.  Our professionals here at The Landscape Doctor can help you choose the proper types of trees and shrubs for your property as well.

Matt Unger has been in the Green Industry for more than 30 yrs. Bringing his years of experiences in many phases of the Green Industry, from greenhouse production, nursery and garden center management, to landscape design and construction. His education, depth of experience and 30 years in the industry make him an expert in his field. You will find him on every job site assuring quality results. As President of The Landscape Doctor, his experience culminates in fantastic solutions for the homeowner.


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