Fruit Tree Partnership Program

Connecting Unwanted Fruit with Fruit Wanting People

Many a fruit tree has been planted in home landscapes with all the promise and hope of the harvest. Or maybe you inherited this fruit tree when youPeach - Fruit Tree Partnership Program bought your home. At times, the proverbial “shine on the apple” wears off and bushels of fruit lay rotting on the ground, unwanted, discarded and making quite a mess.

We want to help solve this problem. We offer a unique service for those of you who have a fruit tree in your home landscape that may not be utilized to its fullest extent. Our staff will come out and evaluate the health, condition and needs of any existing fruit tree in your landscape. Then we can offer you a varied list of services that will meet your needs. Here are some of the benefits and services that you can choose from.

– Harvest of fruit to reduce waste and mess

– Pruning of your fruit tree to maximize health and fruit productionFruit Tree Partnership Program

– A return on your investment!

– Helping to feed Americans who need food

– Yearly maintenance pruning / harvesting program

The price you pay can be as little as $0.00, thats right ZERO ! Depending on what you want done, we can do it for nothing. Do you just want the fruit picked and prevent it from making a mess? ZERO dollars. If you want a combination of pruning / harvest or donation of the fruit to a local charity, Yearly maintenance or a combination of services we will customize your needs.

All this for little to no cost to you. Hey, you may even make some money on the deal if you have a great stand of fruit trees that are producing quality fruit.

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