Frank Residence

Clay Paver Pathway and Patio

The clients live in a beautiful brick home that was built in early part of the 1900’s. A stunning home to be sure. The entryway however was an old broken, cracked and decaying concrete pathway. They wanted to brighten and cleanup this main entrance.

We removed the old concrete and installed a new clay paver pathway. The brick colors of the house and the trim colors were used to select a pair of paver colors that accented the home. We did a basic herring bone pattern with a darker colored paver accent on the sides to frame it in nicely.

In addition, there was a corner section of the sidewalk that was overgrown and did not match the new curb the city had put in. The existing sidewalk is actually large buff flagstone pieces from decades ago. We removed the weed infested area on the corner and used some spare flagstone pieces to connect all of this more effectively.

The backyard had a poorly installed paver patio between the house and the deck. Drainage was also an issue on this area. Water would stand on the paver area in heavy rains. We re graded the area, installed a drain tile in the patio and then used their existing clay pavers to redo the area. Drainage now occurs with a proper grade away from the home as well as towards the floor drain in the center of the patio area. Problem solved.

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