DiDanato Residence

Our clients had a large overgrown mess in their backyard. A fence in the last stages of actually functioning as a fence, as well as a broken patio on the back of the house, added to the less than attractive living space. We began with a landscape design that would address all these issues in a phased approach to creating the final product.

Patio / Pergola / Fence

The patio and pergola structures were the first part of our plan to be installed. We demolished the existing patio and had our expert concrete guys pour a two color stamped patio with two levels, a seating bench around the top portion, a spot for their outdoor grill and steps up to the house and between the levels.

We then constructed a custom pergola that covered the main section of the patio. Made of rough cedar and stained a complimentary color to match the house and blend into the landscape. We added a curved element to the top shade pieces to mimic the curves of the concrete. The back of the pergola has two lattice areas to help facilitate screening from neighbors.

Another element that was needed after removing all the overgrown plant material along the back fence was an element of privacy. We accomplished this with two custom high lattice screens that created privacy from two major areas of the back yard. These structures were stained the same as the pergola and the fence that would be replaced at a later date would have the same color. A year or so later, the fence was on its last legs and we removed the entire old shadowbox cedar fence that enclosed the entire back yard. A new fence was installed to complete the look.

A play area for the kids was needed so we constructed a kit within an area of playground mulch that we created to increase the safety factor for the children. In addition to the playground, the family wanted to start to grow more of their own food. We created some raised planter beds in order to give the family some access to high quality food.

Future phases for this property include a new irrigation system for the backyard as well as a more updated planter bed along the back property line. As is typical with many projects of this scale, the clients needed to do it in phases.

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