Brewer Residence

The largest single family residence project we have done to date. The property is situated high on the hills above Horsetooth Reservoir and offers grand views in all directions. Consisting of multiple large scale projects, including a stone amphitheater, large secret garden area, orchard, raised vegetable beds, volleyball courts, custom pergola structures, natural stone staircase, stone walls, flagstone patios, an 18 hole Frisbee golf course, a shooting range and renovation of existing areas and irrigation as well.

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Stone Work


The Amphitheater was originally just a sloping wall of rip rap stone. It was unattractive and lacked the functionality the client was looking for. The client had plans of building an outdoor stage for entertaining and wanted to incorporate seating. We decided to construct the theater seating using natural tan colored stone from a local quarry. The existing rip rap was removed and we began to prep and place the large stone blocks to create a stepped theater style seating. These blocks weighed between 400 and 1000 lbs each. Because there was access from the top and bottom of the theater, we included a staircase that went from the top atrium doors at an angle down toward the dance floor that would become stamped concrete.

As we began to finish the theater, we added a loveseat throne that was placed on a platform about ¾ the way up the theater. This throne was custom cut from a single piece of stone and weighed more than 3.5 tons. It was placed with a large crane and included a stone cooler for drinks hidden behind it. The entire theater used more than 70 tons of native stone to complete.

Stone Staircase / Giant Swing

A very steep hill exists from the house down to the valley where the secret garden is situated. To make it easier to get up and down this hill, we took native stone that we re purposed from the old theater area as well as stone that was blasted from the driveway expansion and put it to good use as we created this stairway. Our goal was to have the hard-scape blend completely into the existing native surrounding. We accomplished this in several ways. By using all native stone, the color pallet matched the area exactly. Secondly, we let the staircase evolve as we built it, taking each stone and letting it find a natural position within the staircase. By adding boulders on the sides of the stair pieces and putting some exceptionally beautiful pieces in keep places within the pathway, the stairs evolved naturally, sometimes even splitting the path to allow multiple pathways within the stairs themselves.

We expanded the staircase laterally, and created a pathway to a platform that would be the site of a large swing that looks out over the valley below. This platform was decked in flagstone as well. We added native trees along the sides into planters we created with the boulders and the stair pieces. More native grasses and perennials will be added later. A drip system is incorporated as well. All of the elements of the staircase come together to create a peaceful, functional and natural looking element. An estimated 40 tons of native red stone was used in the staircase project.

Flagstone Seating Area at Trampoline

This area was being underutilized as a perennial bed. There was a spiral staircase that came down from the upper deck and ended awkwardly. We took out the bed area and replaced it with a flagstone patio. This offers the clients and their guests another seating area that is situated nicely so that parents can watch the kids as they play on the sunken trampoline we installed on the property many years ago.

Cabin Terraced Flagstone Areas

A second property was purchased directly across from the volleyball courts and now serves as a guest house and clubhouse for outdoor activities on the property. This property was overgrown in areas and the client desired an outdoor living area that could be shaded and offered a great view of the volleyball courts and horseshoe area.

We began by clearing and terracing a large area of approximately 1000 SF just off the driveway. After creating the terraces, we built two native stone dry stack walls and stairs in this area. There was an existing dry stack snap cut stone wall that we worked around and incorporated into the terraces. After laying flagstone on these areas to create outdoor living space, we constructed a custom pergola structure to give shade from the West sun.

In addition, we connected the two terraces to a new pathway and another 500 SF of flagstone patio area we created just off the back porch of the cabin area where the hot tub is. Some new fence configuration, an expanded gate and a renovation of some existing stairs that were not to code and very dangerous completed this new living space. We deconstructed those stairs and re configured them in order to be more safe, effective and attractive.

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